In Print: Death & The Maiden

 I can’t believe I forgot to talk about this here but… well, I wrote a book. Actually, I wrote two books, a book of short stories which I put together over 5 years and is still going through the editorial process to make it perfect and polished and beautiful, and a little book of pop culture-inspired poems, written during a difficult stage of editing, over a 2 week period in April. And that latter book, written in a state of delirium, is already out in the world. Which is absolute MADNESS, frankly.

Death & The Maiden is a love letter to pop culture’s dead girls, from Moulin Rouge to Buffy, Bojack Horseman to Batman, 16 poems for 16 dead girls, because we know those are who I tend to love best. If you’re interested at all, you can buy a physical copy here, and if you do, please do say something nice on GoodReads about it! 

I’ve been feeling unbearably SEEN since it came out, even though these are mostly impersonal poems — they’re fanworks, they’re a melding of what I started out doing on the internet and my “real world” writing career, and it’s such a weird liminal space to be in. The short story collection, when it releases, will feel like letting people look at my organs, I feel like, because those stories are so unbearbly personal and part of me, but this, in a way, is almost more exposing? It’s a look at what I love, and have been doing online since I was a teenager; getting too attached to doomed girls in fiction. What a strange world. 

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