In Print: & Life Cycles On and A Twitch of Muscle – Rookie Mag and Write Young Things

I’m so proud to say that I’ve managed to get some more work out in the world since we last spoke. Rookie Mag does monthly creative prompts, and last month’s concept of past lives resonated with me on a strange level. That resonance resulted in this piece, & Life Cycles On, a patchwork creative piece matching up the present with the sometimes very distant past. I loved writing it, most of which occurred in a frantic scrawl on a bus. I really love Rookie Mag and all the things they stand for, so I’m honoured that someone there liked my style, and I can’t wait to try again in the future.

I’ve also – as I’ve been meaning to do for months (and three meetings later!) finally gotten something up on the Write Young Things site, for the prompt of ‘tick’, which I took to… a rather lateral interpretation. I had a wonderful time writing a story a little out of my comfort zone – from a male perspective, first of all, and also taking something mundane (but dangerous) into something almost mystical. If you want to enjoy a tale of house party hijinks gone terribly wrong, then A Twitch Of Muscle is just what you need.

And whilst I’m here shilling, don’t forget to subscribe to my fortnightly newsletter, tarot poems. Have a lovely rest of the week!


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