Published: Something Like A Spotlight / Oh God She's Talking About Jesus Again and Tarot Poems

I told you I was being busy, and I meant it. I’ve just set up two new pieces on my payhip, Something Like A Spotlight, and Oh God, She’s Talking About Jesus Again.

Something Like A Spotlight is LGBT romantic fluff, wherein a nonbinary singer songwriter becomes smitten with the accidentally charming barista at the coffee shop they’re playing at. It’s something thats is very old now, but which I still found pretty sweet when I stumbled across it, even if in general romance doesn’t belong in my repertoire. There are a couple of other pieces I still have set in the same universe which I will also clean up and fire off in time, because I am awfully charmed by these characters, still.

Oh God, She’s Writing About Jesus Again is exactly what you would expect from something with that title. It’s my myriad religious poems (barring some from an upcoming project I’m Very Excited about!), some of which people have seen before, and some which have yet to see the light of day. I’m always going to have some Catholic emotions I need to she’d, so this might not be the last collection like this.

And I have a few more things in this vein that need some loose ends tied up and some light dusting before I’m quite ready to post them. But rest assured, more is coming.

In other news, I’m also setting up a mailing list for anyone who wants to receive short poems, once a fortnight, inspired by tarot cards drawn from my deck. If you would like to receive these Tarot Poems, please do join the list here!

I’ve also been submitting an awful lot of work in the last couple of weeks, so hopefully I’ll have some more updates soon.

Until then, have a lovely day

Lucy x

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