Weekly Round Up: Sorry 'bout the Wait

Hi guys!

So sorry I haven’t done a weekly roundup in a while – I’ve been super busy, which is the opposite of an excuse, and I also went on a brief holiday where I couldn’t bring my laptop. (I went to Sardinia, which was insanely gorgeous, and I really got to grips with some self-care – I soaked up the sea air, the sun, the sand and got all of that relaxed Italian atmosphere to penetrate my skin and my mind, both of which were incredibly thankful!  (p.s. You can see some of my Italian exploits on instagram!))

Writing: In Case You Missed It

If you caught my last post then you’ll know I’ve had two exciting little things pop up. Firstly, I had a haiku published in the latest issue of haiku journal! And secondly. I was featured in the promotional video for Why Magazine, which I’m is awesome, even if I want to scrutinise my ah… performance. Support them on patreon if you can!

Also this week, I’ve been getting far more stuck in with my writing. Back on track, baby. Now, this isn’t necessarily stuff that will be submitted and pop up soon, but more long labours of love like my two novels and short stories that take time to cultivate and then need to find a place to live. Poetry is easier to market, but I am always going to love getting lost in fictional worlds. 


One of the things I rarely talk about, either blogging or on social media is my love of fitness. I used to dance until I got ill, and I always missed the adrenaline rush. I’ve been working out 5-6 times a week since December and I’ve recently gotten elbow deep in the workouts and community spirit of the Tone It Up girls. I adore their workouts and their upbeat attitude that makes exercise seem like less of a struggle and more of a community effort. My goal for the week is to get myself entrenched in their girl squad community. I have used the word community excessively in this part of the post… 
In the Real World:

I feel like the real world has already been brought up a bunch in this post but y’know write what you know etc. Seriously though, I do really feel like I’m keeping a good place with life. I’m going to be starting a new job in the not too distant future, which I’m sure will be incredibly rewarding work, and I’m spending as much time as I can with friends and family. Summer is the ideal time when everyone has far more free time (no uni, no studying… though unfortunately, I’m still working all the way through.) I’m learning to prioritise the things that are most important to me, especially since, only working part-time in the real world and mostly spending my time freelancing at home I crave that social connection. I’d say things are looking up. 
Playlist: Currently Reading (and Listening, and Watching, and Doing, etc.)

I read Wuthering Heights for the first time last month.


It destroyed and rebuilt me in a variety of ways none of which I can wholly articulate, but I can say I adored and detested and felt encompassed my the damn thing. I think the yearning feeling it inspired will live on in me forever. Funny how books do that, huh?

Highlight of the Week:
I have two, actually.

Saturday night, my best friend, her boyfriend and his friend went to a gorgeous little rooftop bar and just sat and talked and enjoyed each other’s company. I had an absolute blast, even if it sounds dull and ‘adult’ – I love clubbing and feeling young and wild, but sometimes just being with the people you care about in a pretty location is exactly what the soul needs.

Sunday afternoon, the family has a barbecue. I made chicken skewers and home cooked barbecue sauce and we enjoyed good burnt meat and delicious bread and entertained my little niece whenever she frowned. It was just one of those moments that captures the whole vibe of summer in a single, if cliched moment. 

Hope you had a good week!

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