In Print: Haiku Journal #58 and WhyMag Promo

It’s been a little while since I last posted, and I will excuse myself in the round up post, but in the time since I last posted, I’ve had a couple of things come through.

I’m always very excited and honoured to be a part of Haiku Journal – which happened to be the very first publication to print my work back when I was 14 years old – and this time is no exception. This is a visceral little poem that I wrote in a lull at work, a little different to my usual style, but still something I’m proud to call mine.

bleached clean like the bones,
passed down between the branches;
seen with mother’s eyes

Grab a copy of issue 58 here, if you feel so inclined!

The other awesome (?) development is that the promo video for Why Magazine I’ve mentioned previously is now live, and it’s far less embarrassing than I was worried it would be. See the post and video here on their patreon, and subscribe if you can (I’m going to, so I’m not a hypocrite!)

If you’re an artist, then why do you endured the struggle? Let me know bellow.

Until next time!


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