In Print: 'Disabled, Sexy and Broke' Now Live on Why Magazine

Hi guys!

It’s always exciting to see my work featured in a publication – so much work goes into crafting a piece, whether its poetry, fiction or an opinion piece and there’s not many rushes that can compare to the adrenaline and pride that comes from someone else saying, ‘Hey, this thing you just did – I love it, and I want to display it right where everyone can look at it.’

The article is called (as the title of this post implies) Disabled, Sexy and Broke, and was written for Why Magazine.

Why Magazine is one of my favourite places on the internet – if you’ll pardon my gushing. It’s a place for millennial, for starving artists, for every creatively minded fuck-up out there to scream to high heaven. I’m a big fan of their ethos, of what they do and what they stand for, so getting to write something for them was a privilege. It was also incredibly difficult. You see, this article is awfully exposing – it’s about my dreams and struggles as a writer, but also about the crushing difficulty of the daily grind when you live with chronic pain. Writing it was cathartic, and I’m incredibly proud of the result, but when it came to promoting the piece on social media (follow me on instagram @st.lucys!) I came over all nervous and hesitant because yelling to the wider internet about my problems is one thing (one anonymous thing), but projecting it at people who know me personally is something else.

Still, I posted it, I promoted the hell out of the thing and I hope my friends and family read it. Not so they might pat me on the back and say ‘Oh, poor you,’ because that kind of crap makes me want to heave, but because it’s a good piece of writing, and is a stepping stone on my journey as a writer. I’m proud of the piece and of myself for getting it out, and no internal shyness will hamper that.

If you’ve ever felt hesitant about sharing your stuff, comment and let me know!


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